About Us


Nallur Vishwas

The phenomenal success of Nallur Vishwas Jewellers has been driven by an unstinting commitment to quality, a fact that has been widely recognised.


Vishwas Jewellers is in this business since from 15 years and located in Davanagere. For many years, our customers have treasured their choice in Gold and Silver, the most distinguished and largest locally owned jewelry in Davanagere, Karnataka. We have simple philosophy for doing business, we are a family working together for a common goal; to provide the best service and quality at a competitive prices.

The customer is the most important person in our business. You depend on us, as we depend on you. As an organisation that has been well accepted as a source for gold jewellery by retail and corporate customers, Vishwas Jewellers crafts has been recognised and honoured with various prestigious titles for its stunning designs, uncompromising quality standards and commitment.

Why Choose Us

Today, Vishwas Jewellers is a name to reckon with in the gold jewellery industry in India. It is a trust worthy jewellery shop in the heart of Davanagere, and became a 100% BIS 916 Hall Mark Shop in order to serve our customers even much better. We have both traditional and fascinate gold jewellery collections.

Our making charges and prices are among the lowest in the market because we are committed to making quality Jewellery affordable to the widest class of people. Our business model thrives on volumes, not premium pricing.